US NOAA update

January-February 2019

13 charts have been updated in the GeoGarage platform

(NOAA update February 14th, 2019, including January updates due to US breakdown NOAA interruption)

Today 1024 NOAA raster charts (2147 including sub-charts) are included in the GeoGarage platform (see PDFs files)

  • 11323 ed66 Approaches to Galveston Bay
  • 11329 ed41 Houston Ship Channel Alexander Island to Carpenters Bayou;San Jacinto and Old Rivers
  • 11355 ed32 Intracoastal Waterway Catahoula Bay to Wax Lake Outlet including the Houma Navigation canal
  • 11484 ed25 Ponce de Leon Inlet to Cape Canaveral
  • 11503 ed47 St. Marys Entrance Cumberland Sound and Kings Bay
  • 12210 ed45 Chincoteague Inlet to Great Machipongo Inlet;Chincoteague Inlet
  • 12245 ed70 Hampton Roads
  • 12274 ed38 Head of Chesapeake Bay
  • 12311 ed48 Delaware River Smyrna River to Wilmington
  • 14781 ed21 Riviere Richelieu to South Hero Island
  • 14783 ed21 Four Brothers Islands to Barber Point
  • 14830 ed34 West End of Lake Erie;Port Clinton Harbor;Monroe Harbor;Lorain to Detroit River (Metric);Vermilion
  • 14785 ed18 Burlington Harbor

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