Australia AHS update

July 2020


7 nautical charts have been updated  (as at: 26-June-2020, NtM 13/2020)

  • Aus326  Australia - North West Coast - Western Australia - Bedout Islet to Port Walcott
  • Aus614  Australia - East Coast - Coral Sea - Diamond Passage
  • Aus23  Australia - North Coast - Northern Territory - Apsley Strait (Southern Sheet)
  • Aus115  Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Approaches to Bunbury
  • Aus84  Australia - West Coast - Western Australia - Plans in Western Australia (Sheet 6)
  • Aus167  Australia - Tasmania - Port Dalrymple
  • Aus777  Australia - South Coast - South Australia - Winceby Island to Point Riley

So 475 charts (810 including sub-charts) based on licensed material provided by the Australian Hydrographic Office are available in the Australia AHS layer. (see coverage)

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Note : the Australia AHS layer is not yet available for Weather4D mobile app users (raster charts are not authorized for navigation apps), but only for B2B webmapping customers